14 adopted kittens are lovingly cared after by the striped mother cat

Meet Isabella, a sweet tabby cat with a heart of gold. Isabella resided in a cozy home in New York along with two other feline friends. Interestingly, all three cats gave birth to their litters around the same time. Unfortunately, two of the cats couldn’t nurse their little ones, leaving 14 helpless kittens who required extra attention. That’s when Isabella stepped in to save the day by taking them under her wing and providing the care they needed. What a kind-hearted kitty!

The individual who owned the cats demonstrated a significant level of irresponsibility by allowing unsterilized cats to roam freely outdoors. When he discovered that he now had an additional litter of kittens, in addition to the three cats, he panicked and took them all to the animal shelter. Unfortunately, this posed a considerable risk to the newborns as they could potentially face immediate euthanasia due to the lack of resources available at the facility. Fortunately, the Best Friends Animal Society intervened upon learning of the situation and promptly took in the mother cat, Isabella, and her 14 kittens to provide them with the necessary care and attention they required.

Upon encountering Isabella, we couldn’t help but be astonished by her diminutive size, akin to that of a kitten. The poor feline was worn out and parched due to her tireless efforts to nourish her litter of 14 kittens, whom she never left behind. Nevertheless, the staff at the Best Friends Animal Society shelter were pleasantly surprised by her loving disposition, as she purred contentedly when petted.

Even with a lot on her plate, Isabella managed to keep all of her kittens healthy and looking their best. After being brought to a shelter, Isabella was finally able to receive the support she needed, such as volunteers to help take care of her kittens and treatment for dehydration. Upon arrival, we made sure to separate the four oldest kittens, who were likely related to Isabella and already capable of eating independently, from the rest of the group. Additionally, two more kittens were entrusted to our volunteer team, leaving Isabella with eight little ones to care for.

The staff at the shelter still have vivid memories of Isabella’s appearance when she arrived. She was surrounded by 14 small and constantly hungry kittens, and her exhausted expression suggested that she desperately needed a break and some rest.