12 dogs brothers are adored by a tiny mini cow that was saved from an auction house

Moon pie may be a mini cow that’s an absolute cutie pie. She was rescued from an area auction by Janice Wolf and brought to the Rocky Ridge Refuge, which Wolf also runs.

The actual thing about MoonPie? Since she was insufficient when she was rescued, she had to be inside Wolf’s house She or he grew up around a dog, So she thought of them herself.

“Babies like that — they don’t know an entire lot about what it’s alleged to be, in order that they quite just accept things,”

Wolf said. It appears Moonpie features a special bond with one particular dog named Spackle, a white bull terrier that took her in as soon as she needs to the refuge.

Now Moonpie has encountered another mini cow, although she was initially skepticalinitially, she embraced her look-alike as another big dog!

“The picture with the white bull terrier – that was Moonpie’s first day here,” Wolf said. “Spackle loves babies, and immediately became her protector and buddy. She wouldn’t leave that calf’s side. They instantly bonded.”

The dogs wanted to play with Moonpie, cuddle with her and clean her.

“It’s all just a matter of who’s in your space,” Wolf said. “You love the ones you’re with. I think she just knows that there’s a lot of different friends in the world.”